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We’re a global company with a global workforce

That should tell you a great deal about our commitment to diversity.

We operate our businesses worldwide. We serve over 50,000 different customers in more than 100 different countries. At Enpro, diversity is simply a way of life. We welcome new ideas. We encourage innovative thought. And just like our customers, we will not accept anything less than top performance.

Fresh ideas can come from anyone regardless of background or level of experience. So we’ve created and nurtured a culture that embraces fresh perspectives and rewards success for the team and the individual. When you make an impact at Enpro, we make sure it’s recognized.

Bring Your Full Self to Work

In addition, we want all our employees to bring their full self to work.  This looks different across each business and country, but it may include employees participating in one of our resource groups, Books at Work sessions, leading mindfulness exercises during meetings, or engaging in courageous conversations with their peers.  We want Enpro to be a place that is inclusive to all.


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